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【Smart Crosswalks】 Protect The “Head-Down Man” To Cross The Road Safely

Pedestrians who just keep their heads down and play with their mobile phones but fail to see the traffic lights clearly make people sweat. Recently, Linzhou’s first “color-changing” led Smart Crosswalks appeared on the street, specifically reminding the “head-downers” to watch the lights and cross the road.

“Color-changing” Led Smart Crosswalks is set in the center of Linzhou. The ground light on Zebra Crossing will change with the pedestrian crossing signal light. When the signal light is red, the ground light will also be red and the signal light will turn green. When the time, the ground light also turns green immediately, and can be adjusted to yellow flashing.

The traffic police told reporters that with the development of smart mobile devices, people are almost everywhere looking at their phones on the streets, bus stops, shopping malls, hospitals. Some people even look at their phones when they cross the road. , Crossing the road like this is very dangerous.

It is understood that the Pedestrian System is made of special materials and is the first time it has been used in Linzhou City. It is laid on the ground of the pedestrian crossing, can withstand temperatures of 100 degrees to minus 30 degrees Celsius, is basically flush with the ground, does not affect the normal passage of pedestrians and vehicles, does not slip or stumbling when stepped on, and is not afraid of rain soaking and scorching sun. The traffic police said that this Smart Crosswalks will be promoted at more accident-prone intersections in the future. An important part of this Smart Crosswalk System is Solar Road Studs.

Solar Road Stud is also called Aluminum Solar Road Stud, Reflective Studs, LED Road Stud, etc. It is charged by solar panels, stored in a battery, and automatically glows at night and when there is insufficient light in rainy and foggy weather, which can guide the vehicle in the correct direction. Effectively guarantee traffic safety.

The solar panel is used to charge the battery. When the light is sufficient, the solar panel generates current and voltage under the light to charge the battery. The battery outputs electrical energy to the load.

Solar Road Studs function:

  1. Aluminum Solar Road Stud road lighting, yurts, tents, gardens, courtyards, parks and other outdoor lighting.
  2. Rugged and durable, economical and practical, high-tech environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction.
  3. The charging mode adopts solar charging

LED Road Stud application:

1. Road sections where there are more than four lanes back and forth, but there is no isolation zone in the middle and insufficient light at night;

2, crossroads/zebra crossings (deceleration reminder);

3, sharp turns on the road;

4, foggy area (seaside, airport road);

5, highways and roads without street lights;

6. The position of the guide line at the elevated and tunnel entrance and exit;

7. Vehicle diversion point (around the triangular ground line);

8. Railway ramp crossing;

9, toll station lane line;

10, accident-prone areas;

  1. Urban sidewalks, park paths and other places and road surfaces that need to be beautified at night.

Reflective Studs application notes:

  1. Do not immerse in corrosive liquids, as this will damage the product.
  2. Please do not scratch the surface of the solar panel with sharp objects.
  3. Please place the solar panel facing up in direct sunlight to ensure the best photoelectric conversion effect.
  4. Non-professionals should not open the shell to avoid danger.

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