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Solar Road Studs From Ruichen Group

Due to the continuous development of the solar road stud energy industry, in recent years, in the road safety protection projects implemented by the country, various high-tech traffic safety facilities and products have been favored by the industry. The widespread application of these traffic safety facilities and products has played an important role in improving road safety and reducing traffic accidents.

In various traffic safety facilities or products, solar road studs can clearly outline the contours and edges of roads in rain, fog and road bends, so as to induce the driver’s sight, thereby eliminating road safety hazards. Solar road studs can play a very important role in delineating road contours in rainy and foggy weather and at corners, inducing the driver’s sight and eliminating potential safety hazards.

Solar road studs are a special application method of solar road studs. Screws or glue are added to the bottom. They are mainly used in airports, schools, intersections, gardens, mountain roads, and industrial parks to remind passers-by or passing vehicles. There is a danger ahead, pay attention to driving safety.

Solar road studs, set along the road surface, used at night or in rainy and foggy weather, to indicate the direction of the road. It is composed of retroreflective materials, shells, solar panels, LEDs, and control devices. It has visual guidance of active light-emitting and passive light-reflecting properties. Facilities are usually used in conjunction with markings.

The working principle of solar road studs: during the day, solar panels absorb sunlight and convert solar energy into electrical energy and store it in energy storage devices (batteries or capacitors). At night, the electrical energy in the energy storage devices is automatically converted into light energy (through photoelectric switches). Control), the outline of the road is drawn through the bright light of the LED, and the driver’s sight is induced.

Solar road studs flicker at a certain frequency at night, and human vision is more sensitive to changes, so its dynamic warning effect is very strong. Active lighting can not only avoid the interference of rain and fog to the greatest extent, but also can break away from the dependence on car lights, and the visual distance is longer and the effect is better.

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