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Why is the implementation of “smart zebra crossing” on the road?

On the evening of September 6, as night fell, the “smart crosswalk system” at the intersection of Tianhe North Road and Tiyu East Road was officially opened. The 6 ground light strips changed with the change of smart crosswalks lights to remind pedestrians to cross the street safely.

It is reported that the “smart crosswalk system” is organized and implemented by the Guangzhou Transportation Bureau and is one of the measures for the management of traffic jams in Guangzhou. After nearly a month of commissioning and evaluation, the “pedestrian detection system” has played an obvious two-way warning role for pedestrians crossing the street at night and passing vehicles.

The ground light belt changes color with the Pedestrian System signal light

At 18:30 on the evening of September 8, the reporter came to the intersection of Tianhe North Road. It was during the rush hour, and the traffic flow and the flow of people on the spot were both large. There are four main zebra crossings at the intersection, and “pedestrian waiting areas” are set up on both sides of the zebra crossing. In front of the zebra crossing, install a few meters of light tubes. Aunt Luo, a persuader to ease the traffic at the intersection, told reporters that this is the traffic light strip.

Aunt Luo said that in August of this year, these ground traffic light strips were “online” and turned on at 7 o’clock every night. “We will finish work at 7 o’clock, and it will light up at 7 so we can just come to work for our class.” The reporter learned, After nearly a month of commissioning, six “smart crosswalk system” at the intersection were officially put into use.

The reporter observed that when the Zebra Crossing signal light at the intersection turns green, the light strip changes to green; when the Zebra Pedestrian signal light turns red, the light strip also changes to red. There are also orange and yellow flashing lights on the ground on both sides of each zebra crossing. According to reports, this is a solar-powered road stud, which constantly flashes orange light at night to remind passing vehicles.

“The ground light strip is not only good-looking but also safe. Some people who bow their heads and play with their mobile phones, when they cross the road, they see that the light under their feet turns red, and they know they can’t go, and they still have a reminder function.” Aunt Luo said. Some citizens also said that if voice prompts can be added, the reminder function may be more obvious.

Anti-compression and anti-seismic effect is obvious

“Pedestrian crossing system’ mainly uses solar road studs and underground pedestrian crossing signal lights, taking into account the needs of durability and beauty.” Yang Fan, a senior engineer at the Guangzhou Road Engineering Research Center, introduced that solar road studs use flexible solar films for light collection and electricity storage. It is the first application in Guangzhou to avoid easy damage due to pressure. The solar road stud automatically senses the light, and it will light up when the daylight is dimmed. “According to the monitoring during this period of time, the solar road stud will flash at about 18:40, and the visible distance is greater than 500 meters,” said Yang Fan.

The ground traffic light belt, that is, the underground pedestrian crossing signal light has been designed with high-strength compression and earthquake resistance, and has a high outdoor protection level. It has undergone various performance tests such as low temperature, high temperature and salt fog, and can fully withstand the daily rolling and trampling of vehicles and pedestrians. . The structure of the light strip is also specially designed with a limit baffle that is convenient for daily maintenance, and the maintenance is simple. Both ground traffic light strips and solar road studs have a 3-year warranty.

During the commissioning period in August, in conjunction with the two nights of official operation, relevant research institutions tracked its implementation effects. The results show that the “pedestrian warning system” has an obvious two-way warning effect on pedestrians and passing vehicles on the crosswalk at night, achieving the expected implementation effect. Traffic light strips on the ground effectively remind pedestrians who cross the street, especially the passage time and passage area of ​​the “head-down tribe”. The illegal traffic behaviors such as running red lights and waiting irregularly due to looking down at their mobile phones have been significantly reduced compared with before the implementation; solar road studs clearly reminded Motor vehicle drivers are courteous to the zebra crossing and slow down to reduce cross-street conflicts between vehicles and pedestrians.

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