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Where is the outdoor solar road stud installed?

With the implementation of the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, more and more people are now aware of the importance of energy conservation and environmental protection. Many outdoor floor lamps have been replaced with energy-saving solar studs. So where should outdoor solar studs be installed? Let’s take a look. See it!

Where is the outdoor energy-saving floor lamp installed

Generally speaking, outdoor road stud lights are mainly installed in the following aspects:

1. around the green plants

The surrounding green plants are bright and eye-catching, just like being in a fairyland, and the solar studs are installed on the tree to make it look very beautiful.

2. wooden bench

Energy-saving solar studs are installed around the wooden benches, with the addition of light dotted with stars and lights, making it like a paradise, showing nobility in simplicity, and fashion in nobility, and the whole design is very beautiful and elegant.

3. Inlaid on the wall

A little solar studs light in the dark night makes the atmosphere warm and natural, and soft sofas and parasols are placed around the wooden table, which makes it look comfortable and comfortable. In summer evenings, you can enjoy the coolness with your family here and the surrounding children are noisy. , What a warm scene, and the dark night and the solar studs light line corresponding to make its atmosphere more beautiful.

4. The eaves of a semi-open house

The design of the solar road studs for outdoor villas is very important. It should not conflict with the design of the house, but also make it waterproof. The solar road studs of the house are installed under the eaves of the semi-open house, so that it is waterproof and waterproof. It can set off its house more beautiful, and the peach wood floor is illuminated by the solar road studs, making it look warm and cozy.

So what is road stud lights?

I believe that when you walk outdoors at night, you can always see some road stud lights on the ground illuminating buildings or trees and flowers, which also brings a certain beauty to the city at night. This kind of road studs laid on the ground , Generally called solar road studs, but solar road studs are not just about laying on the ground, solar road studs also have specific official definitions, then what is solar road studs? Let’s take a look!

Solar road studs, also known as buried solar road studs or embedded solar road studs, are lighting facilities embedded on the ground. Road stud light illuminates the ground and vegetation on the ground, which can make the landscape more beautiful and safer for pedestrians to pass. LED energy-saving road stud light is now used, the surface is polished stainless steel or aluminum alloy panel, high-quality waterproof connector, silicone sealing ring, tempered glass, which can be waterproof, dust-proof, leakage-proof and corrosion-resistant. To ensure unobstructed drainage, it is recommended that the lower part of the road stud light be installed with gravel.

At present, most solar road studs use LED as the light source. The LED has a long life span, which can reach more than 100,000 hours, and the voltage is low. It is very suitable for solar road studs. In particular, LED technology has achieved its critical breakthrough, and its characteristics have been greatly improved in the past five years. At the same time, the price/performance ratio has been greatly improved.

In addition, the LED is powered by low-voltage direct current, its light source control cost is low, adjusting brightness, frequent switching are all possible, and will not adversely affect the performance of the LED. Control the color, change the spread of light, and produce dynamic dreams, so it is especially suitable for lawn and garden applications. It has many inherent characteristics and is very practical.

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